Terorist’s Implication On The National Energy Industry

7 July 2010 | 12:24 pm | Dilihat : 405

Penulis yang kini juga tergabung dalam jajaran Dewan Pembina Majalah ERALAW, pada terbitan Volume-1 membuat artikel pada rubrik Era Intelijen. Nah tulisan tersebut kemudian diterjemahkan oleh redaksi kedalam bahasa Inggris. Artikel dalam berbahasa Inggris secara iseng penulis posting pada blog lama yang penulis Opini-prayitnoramelan pada Media Indonesia. Tanpa disadari, setelah penulis periksa, tulisan ternyata menarik minat blogger asing dan mendapat cukup banyak tanggapan (58 buah) dari komunitas dunia maya yang tersebar diseluruh dunia.

Sebagai sebuah pembelajaran serta pemberian informasi, penulis bersama ini meminta ijin kepada Admin untuk menayangkan tulisan berjudul "Terorist's Implication On The National Energy Industry" di Kompasiana, beserta tanggapan-tanggapannya sekaligus. Semoga bermanfaat bagi kompasianers sebagai contoh pembelajaran untuk mencoba menulis dalam bahasa Inggris agar dibaca oleh blogger dunia luar. Masalah di Kompasiana adalah hambatan atau kesulitan bahasa bagi blogger asing yang harus menjadi member sebelum menanggapi artikel. Mungkin akan lebih memudahkan apabila persyaratan menanggapi di Kompasiana diterjemahkan kedalam bahasa Inggris. Dengan demikian maka mereka akan mengerti persyaratan dari admin.  Selamat membaca, semoga bermanfaat.

Terorist's Implication On The National Energy Industry

By: Air Vice Marshal (Ret) Prayitno Ramelan

The writer would use this opportunity to provide a review on the implication of terrorism on national energy industry. As a start, the review will start on the issues surrounding intelligence.

The word "intelijen" comes from the English word "intelligence", means in general "excellence". From scientific point of view, intelligence has several meanings. Firstly, intelligence may refer to an organization, that is, intelligence organization assigned to collect some information and to give some advices to the user.

Secondly, intelligence may also refer to an activity, that is, intelligence activities which include the function of investigation, security and propping up. Thirdly, intelligence can also means knowledge, that is, one's skill to understand he himself, his enemy or would be enemy in terms of strength, ability, disturbances and its intention.

To date, intelligence is used in war situation or any threats to the country or organization. In broader terms, intelligence plays its role in the area of politics, economy, social, culture, defense and security. This discussion will be focused on intelligence's role and function for the interest of decision makers, short and long term strategy using business oriented approach.

In business activities, the most important and difficult matter is decision making. Good decision is a decision that is made with positive and profitable values. Even without intelligence, decision can also be made based on the experience, knowledge and intuition of the decision makers. As a result, decision can be either positive or negative. A business activity can minimize and even increase profit, if, the decision made by the company, gathers support from the intelligence information. Intelligence analyses based on basic descriptive intelligence (the past), on going situation (the present), then intelligence will provide the business man with an estimate (business intelligence prediction) as required. It is therefore, the user take a lot of benefits from the role of intelligence. The user needs no specific agent to handle intelligence business, since it is costly and very complicated. Otherwise, businessman can hire a business intelligence analyst whom he trusts.

Back to the topic, let us briefly discuss the energy industry. Energy plays an important role in social, economic and sustainable environmental livelihood as agreed in the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). World energy consumption in the next few years until 2025 as predicted by Energy Information Administration (EIA) is still predominantly of fossil fuel such as oil, natural gas and steam coal. Energy is substantial for any movement in national development context. This is more like the soul of national development.

In addition, energy is also multi-national interest that may result in multi-dimension conflict. In the national concept, energy is the nation multi-aspect defense support (economy, politics, socio culture, defense and security). Therefore, national energy industry constitutes as a defense subject that has to be guarded and maintained. Once the subject is interrupted, then the implication will be huge and may affect seriously the Indonesia National Stability.

We probably are familiar with the term and word "terrorist". But, do we understand, what is behind the word "terrorists"? Terrorist are the executors, either it is done by individuals or groups from violences to killings. According to intelligence science, terrorism is a mainstream in which forced intention is used in order to deliver messages, by illegal manners such as violence, brutal and even killings.

Terrorism is a phenomenon which is difficult to understand. For many, its action is deadly and covered and can cause death and losses to all, including those untargeted people. What is actually terrorism in Indonesia? Dark history of terrorism shows series of It is terrorist attacks, especially suicide bombing in Bali October 2002, have killed 202 people, foreigner in majority, demolishing Sari Club. Following such accidents, bombings also targeted JW Marriott Hotel (2003), Australian Embassy (2004), Bali (2005), JW Marriott and Rits Carlton Hotel (2009). Obviously, the targets are Americans and its allies. The message is clear, Al-Qaeda support the bombings.

No doubt, that the bombings targets are United States, English, Australia and Italy (Source: Syaifuddin Zuhri, notebook). Specifically, the targets are people and buildings in which Americans mostly stay. The question is, will the terrorist attack economic targets? Any vital object owned by United States of America or English or any other countries in cooperation with Indonesian Government, have very strategic values. As mentioned above, whenever the targets are attacked, the implications on national development are very serious, and on top of that, it may also affect national stability.

The security of National Energy Industry should take major attention of the national security apparatus and those concerned with energy development. Worth-noted, that 423 terrorist incident happened worldwide in the year 2000. Number of bombings attacking multinational oil pipe network in Columbia by 2 terrorist groups in the area, has been increased. The network has been bombed at least 152 times. In 2000, the attacks on the United States caused 200 died. The target of suicide bombings in Indonesia are America and its allies, it is necessary to undertake security inspection on the national energy industry against any possibility as threatened by terrorist in Indonesia.

That is a brief review of the implication of terrorism on the Indonesia National Energy. Although a number of prominent figures has successfully been caught and shot to death, their network still exist and hide within the community. Operation in Aceh couple days ago shows that terrorist's cells have been sporadically grown and developed new network. It is expected that the security on the national energy industry should have extra attention.

Source:"ERALAW, First Edition (May 20th-June 20th)"

Ilustration: dtwh2.esdm.go.id/dw2007/viewImag

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