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Coronavirus that infected 204 countries was identified as SARS-CoV-2 (formerly known as 2019-nCoV), and today is known by the name of Covid-19.

If we pay close attention to the facts, there are now 4 big, developed and modern countries that are struggling to control spread of Covid-19 in their countries.

As a super power, the US is now the most infected, and it seems that the President made a mistake and looked lightly at this Covid-19 by not listening to CIA’s advice, especially when the President equates Covid-19 with the Rhinovirus flu virus. As of 1 April 2020, there were 270,062 people infected in the US with the third highest number of deaths in the world (6,927). Likewise, Italy is the second most infected with the highest number of deaths in the world (14,681), and it was reported that the treatment limitations were prioritized for those with highest chance of survival, which means the ‘Elderly’ had to be sacrificed.

Spain is the third most infected (117,710) with the second highest number of deaths in the world. Germany is ranked fourth as the most infected. France is ranked sixth, but the total mortality rate is ranked fourth. Iran is ranked seventh while the total mortality rate is ranked sixth.


Based on the fact that the seven countries with the most infected and mortality rates, China (PRC) is now only ranked fifth for the infected citizens (81,620), and ranked fifth for the mortality rate (3,322). Interestingly, there were only 31 imported cases in China, while those who died in one day has a total of 4 people. In comparison, those who died within one day in several countries, such as the US (857), Italy (766), Spain (661), Germany (127), France (1,120).

As the source country (starting point) of the Wuhan Covid pandemic, questions arise in the intelligence terminology (why?). Based on the facts revealed, China has successfully conducted a lockdown in Wuhan, Hubei Province and several other provinces, locking 56 million people. The country imposed harsh authoritarian rules, with no compromise, and violators being treated harshly, beaten, and slapped. The needs of the people is also backed up by the Chinese military. There were allegations from the CIA that the CCP was not honest in providing data (Pray had made a special analysis).

The second mystery that has not been revealed is whether or not China has the vaccine. It is it not impossible for China to have an antidote or vaccine, even though it has not been publicized yet. In the previous article, Pray was more likely to conclude that this was a virus from the Wuhan laboratory. This deduction comes from the US intelligence, and there were US clandestine intelligence operations that leaked this information.

Logically, if a biological weapon is made as a weapon of mass destruction, the maker must also make or already have an antidote. If you pay attention, Chinese researchers has issued a theory that this is SARS virus, in which has been injected by several chemical compounds and is related to four proteins and amino acids.

Indeed, there is now a propaganda war between the US and China, and they fear of being made a common enemy if the international community knows who made Covid-19. The country that made the virus can be prosecuted in an international court or receive a social punishment. The result was ostracized and has few or even alien friends.

As Danielle Pletka said recently, “Xi's main concern is not risky lives, or virus containment, but the nation and its reputation, placed in the global supply chain and its grip on power.” Authoritarian governments, such as China, do not like to share news about their ignorance and do not like to cooperate with other governments.


Some reports from China are unclear about the scale, nature and infectiousness of this virus. Global pandemic is not a blind force of nature and is independent of human agency. This is a failure of governments. In closing from the mystery analysis, “business intelligence is recognized as difficult and will only end up as being a prediction”. PRAY

By . Air Vice Marshal (Ret) Prayitno Wongsodidjojo Ramelan (Intelligence Observer)

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